Dan Smith


Microbiologist/Mechanical Engineer

Nickname: "The Old Man"

Favorite tool: Measuring Tape

 - "May the Force be equal to Mass         times Acceleration."


Gunsmith Apprentice 


CALL (949) 305-5308

Kevin Armstrong Smith


Lassen Gunsmithing School

13 Years Gunsmithing experience

10 Years Rifle Reloading 

Nickname: "The Wizzard"

Favorite tool: Swiss Needle File

Specialties: Pre-1945 Mil-surp firearms, Obscure/historic firearms history, doing things around the shop the other guys are struggling with and then shrugging because I don't understand their difficulty.

 - "No step on Snek!"  

Matthew Bates

Gunsmith Manager/Cerakote Applicator

Lassen Gunsmithing School

8 Years Gunsmithing experience

5 Years Rifle Reloading

Nickname: -

Favorite tool: 4oz Ball Pein Hammer

Specialties: Certified Welder, Cerakoting ALL the things, USPSA, IPSC, 3 Position Rifle shooting, finding new and interesting ways to curse projects that are being difficult.

 - "Cash me ousside, how 'bou dat?"